Book a private class.

Need bilingual skills to succeed in your current position or take the next big step? Meet with Sara-Elizabeth to discuss your specific needs and goals and create a learning plan that gets you the language skills you need as quickly as possible. Classes are scheduled and purchased in cycles of 5, so you can match your commitment to your need.

Cost: $375 per 5-class cycle, prepaid.
Schedule training for your team.

Whether your business is food, fitness, or framing houses, you know that specific Spanish/English bilingual skills would help your team serve each other and your community better. Book a flat-fee, 10-class course on a specific topic for your entire team. Does your team need to accomplish money transactions? Describe car features? Explain membership rules? Or perhaps your team simply needs help understanding how best to communicate across a variety of cultural norms. Let’s tailor a laser-focused course for your specific needs.

Cost: $500 per person, per 10-class cycle, prepaid.
Get help for your immediate communication need.

Sometimes, you just need some immediate help with a language issue- someone to help navigate a consultation with a Spanish-speaking client, or to visit a Spanish-speaking family served by your organization. Contact Sara-Elizabeth to be your as-needed community liaison for a flat, low hourly fee.

Cost: $65/hour, minimum one hour.

We claim no expertise or licensure in technical interpreting fields such as legal proceedings or medical events.